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Candid conversations with Innovators thriving in organizations.

I’m deeply curious...

Working with clients and communities around the world drove my curiosity to study patterns I found in the workplace.

Meet Curious Monica

Hi, I’m Monica H. Kang, creative workplace expert and the Founder of InnovatorsBox®. I’m on a mission to uncover how we can thrive at work—no matter our industry, title, or age.

Join me as I interview friends in different fields about what they do, and why they love what they do.


Design for Accessibility with Kevin H. Yoo

When Kevin H. Yoo learned of his friend Marcus’s impending blindness, he was inspired to make a difference. Drawing on his expertise in industrial and product design, Kevin embarked on a journey to address a crucial challenge in technology accessibility, revolutionizing navigation for the visually impaired. This journey led to the founding of Haptic (previously WearWorks), dedicated to crafting not only functional but visually-appealing products accessible to all.

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Be Willing to Reinvent Yourself to Grow with Erica Vogel

You can’t do anything about an opportunity you do not take. This is the mantra that gave Erica Vogel the courage to always reinvent and adapt herself – professionally and personally. Erica is an award-winning Senior Product Manager with 20+ years of experience in design, strategy and product management, currently working at Kforce Inc.

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What to Expect From Season 2

Is it too late to start my dream career? No! In the next few weeks, I’m excited to visit friends in different industries to learn how they fell in love with their jobs and industries. Whether you are already in your dream job or not, you can have a career that you love and enjoy growing in. Welcome back to Curious Monica where we learn how different innovators thrive at different jobs.

EP 2: Writing Stories for The Future: Children’s Book Authors

As a long-time children’s books fan and recently published children’s book author (yay!), I’ve always wondered, how does a children’s book come together? How is it different from other books and why do authors write what they write? Whether you are looking to write your children’s book, or a fan of children’s books you’re in for a treat. In this episode, I caught up with three friends who took different paths to bring their children’s books to life. 

EP 3: Making Movies: Working In the Entertainment Industry and Telling Inclusive Stories

Have you found yourself watching more films than usual these past few years? I know I have! Good movies remind me how beautiful and meaningful life is. In this episode I dive into all the aspects of working in the film industry, especially for those whose voices are often underrepresented. Meet David Masami Moriya and Kelly Li who share their stories about why they entered in the industry, what they love about it, and how they’re using their voice to amplify other voices in the process.


EP 1: People Operations and HR

Ever feel like people don’t understand what you do? In this first episode, I discuss a role that is common in most organizations but is also misunderstood for its depth of work – HR and People Operations. I spoke with four friends – Claire Kennedy, Mimi Wang, Elyse Neumeier, and Enrique Rubio to learn more about their work.

EP 2: Connecting the dots between Product Managers and Product Marketers

How do you describe what you do when your role keeps changing? In this episode, I discuss two roles that have rapidly grown and evolved due to technology: product managers and product marketers. I spoke with two friends – Anne Griffin and Kushaan Shah – to learn what it means to build a career in this industry and how this work is constantly changing.

EP 3: Food with a Purpose: Chef and Food Business

What does food mean to you? For most of us it may be nourishment and happiness, but for others it’s more than that. In this episode, I discuss with friends in the food business to learn how they address equality, food illiteracy, social impact, and justice while serving quality food. Food with a purpose is possible. I spoke with four friends – Diego Rhoger, Manal Kahli, Eliza Martin, and Ian So – to learn what it means to build a career in food and be purpose-driven.



Thoughtful and practical advice

Monica has been a pioneer in workplace creativity for years. She brings in well-organized content and speakers to help listeners solve their daily challenges. I personally enjoy Monica’s positive energy, curiosity, and approach to reframe and untangle challenges.


Short, sweet and entertaining!

Monica’s gift is not only in her rhythm and energy in conversations but a lot of the fun edits along the way. The sound effects, reflection, voice clips and so much more make this less of just another conversational podcast and much more the mix between your favorite Ted Talk and your favorite crime thriller podcast. Great stuff.


Wow. Humans.

Honestly if you miss meeting new people and hearing their stories of how they came to be who they are, this is the podcast for you, especially hearing journeys that you didn’t even know existed. I would recommend Curious Monica to anyone who’s interested in unlocking that part of themselves!



Monica H. Kang, Founder, and CEO of InnovatorsBox® and Author of Rethink Creativity is transforming today’s workforce through the power of creativity. She helps companies around the world rethink culture, leadership, and team development by making creativity practical and relatable regardless of industry or job title. Prior to InnovatorsBox®, Monica was a nuclear nonproliferation policy expert. She holds an M.A. from SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Strategic Studies and International Economics and a B.A. from Boston University.