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Dear Workplace Podcast Highlights – Wrapping Up Season One, PART 1

The Dear Workplace is your safe space to untangle workplace questions. In each episode, host & founder of InnovatorsBox Monica Kang talks with diverse executives, innovators, and experts across many different industries around the world to gain insights into a specific workplace trend or questions. You’ll pull out incredible insights and actionable tips to apply to your professional life. 

We have taken the time to intentionally share the summaries of our podcasts because we know the life of an innovator is busy. These summaries are great post-listen reflections to help the information sink in. They are also a way to get a sneak peak of what you missed if you got caught up mid-listen. Or, they can even just help you decide what episode to watch next!

Missed out? You can binge on them! :) 

Our first podcast reflection blog covers the first 6 episodes and our second reflection blog covers episodes 7 to 10, where you can learn what each episode is about, learn more about our guests, and listen to the episodes directly. 

And in this blog, we cover key highlights and summaries of episodes 11 to 18. And with that, it’s a wrap of season one!

Episode 11: Why Relationships Really Matter

Published: July 6, 2021 – 39 Minutes

Who we surround ourselves with at work matters. Our work connections aren’t just ways to advance ourselves professionally, but also can lead to friendships, innovations, and finding new meaning in the way you thrive. 

You’ll walk away from this episode with key insights on how to build more meaningful relationships at work, even at a time when relationships are constantly changing. After all, some of our most meaningful and crucial relationships were found not because we were looking for them, but because they were unexpected and were cultivated over time.

“You don’t have to talk as much as you think you do. You have to have good energy and have to be authentic.”

Key Question: How can you use what you learned in this podcast to cultivate better relationships?

Guests From Episode:

  • Meg Ugenti , Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing, Focus USA
  • Leo Chan, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Abound Innovation
  • Candace Klein, President of Klein Contracting Corporation, Co-Founder & CEO of Meta Team LLC
  • Alice Hu, Founder & Chief Mindfulness Officer at Woo Woo Company
  • Derrin Slack, Founder & CEO of ProAct Indy

Bonus Episode: Why Working in Roofing: Interview with the Meta Team

Published July 8, 2021 – 52 minutes

In our first bonus episode, we’re sharing the raw dialogue with the Meta Team that we spoke about in Episode 11: Why Relationships Matter. Meta Team is the first and only national, certified woman-owned commercial roofing company in the United States. Meta was founded by five women who provide over 250 years of combined expertise and experience in the roofing industry. Their journey into the male-dominated roofing industry wasn’t easy.

Out of this episode you’ll gain insight into disrupting an industry, making national-level partnerships, the importance of a client-focused, mission-driven vision, and more.

“You can only call yourself an expert if you’re perpetually willing to learn, “

Key Question: What problem are you solving in your industry?

Episode 12: The Courage to Innovate

Published July 13, 2021 – 32 minutes

Innovation is rewarding, but also very uncomfortable. Having the courage to try something new in a meaningful way is easier said than done. In this episode, we study what creativity and innovation is, how innovators from business to academia find the courage to innovate in the workplace, and how you can do it too.

I also discuss a time-tested framework that speaks to the strategies that create radical innovations. Whatever you do – Empathize with your audience. Surround yourselves with others who believe in you. And don’t give up.

“That grit is very important. That willingness to fail is very important.”

Key Question: Who are the people who encourage you to be courageous and be yourself?

Guests From Episode:

Episode 13: Belonging to All Generations

Published June 20, 2021 – 32 minutes

We’re in what’s deemed the ‘Great Resignation,’ where 95% of employees are thinking of quitting or changing their career. So how do we build a workplace for all to feel appreciated that includes all generations when all generations want and need something different? In this episode, we discuss and explore the nuances of what you can do differently to create a workplace for all.

Out of this episode, you’ll understand that three elements that make people want to leave jobs, the role of inclusivity in building workspaces, and how to appreciate differences while facing inevitable conflict.

“Generation Z and Generation Alpha... they give me hope. They are bold in a way that I don’t believe any generation has been.”

Key Question(s): When did you last work at a job in which you felt at home, at ease, and appreciated? What was different? What made you love what you do?

Guests From Episode:

Episode 14: The Skill for the Future

Published June 27, 2021 – 27 minutes

The pandemic accelerated the need for reskilling in the workplace, but what skills are really important for us and how do we determine that? What are skills that robots won’t take away from us? In today’s episode, I visited with eight friends to learn what skills they find important and why I encourage you to expand your learning of this too. Out of this episode, your innovative brain should fire off with forward-thinking strategies for yourself and your team.

Overall, start with where you are to tap into where you want to go. Don’t just take that next advertisement that says you have to learn coding to be the most prepared candidate.

The pandemic has already exacerbated where the workplace trend is going. Our education system is failing but it’s not serving the emotional and social skills for us to be resilient and thrive at work."

Key Question: Imagine we’re in the year 2040 – what skill do you think will be the most important?

Guests From Episode:

As we wrap up season one, we are sharing the key highlights and summaries of the past nine episodes in a 2-part reflection blogs. This is part 1 that covers the key highlights of episodes 15 to 18, and you can find the key highlights of episodes 15 to 18 in part 2.


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