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Dear Workplace Podcast Highlights – Wrapping Up Season 2, Part 1

We’re halfway through Dear Workplace Season 2, and as we approach the end of the year, we wanted to share some highlights of what we’ve learned thus far! 

We have taken the time to intentionally share the summaries of our podcasts because we know the life of an innovator is busy. These summaries are great post-listen reflections to help the information sink in. They are also a way to get a sneak peak of what you missed if you got caught up mid-listen. Or, they can even just help you decide what episode to watch next!

Our Dear Workplace podcast is your safe space to untangle workplace questions. In each episode, host & founder of InnovatorsBox, Monica Kang features key conversations with diverse executives, innovators, and experts across several industries around the world to gain insights on workplace trends, questions, and innovations. Season 2 is all about transformation as we dive deep into how the way we work, lead, and collaborate is changing.

Oh, and our show is an official nominee for the AAP GOLDEN CRANE Podcast Awards 2021! You can register to attend the show with us; all ticket sales go toward supporting AAP, the Asian American Podcasters Association, a non-profit.

Missed out? Have a podcast binge!

Our first podcast reflection blog covers the first 5 episodes (plus a teaser) and as we wrap, our second reflection blog will cover highlights from episodes 6 to 10. Each summary includes a little more about what each episode is about and a guest list to dive deeper into untangling workplace questions.

What to Expect From Season 2

Published: Nov 4, 2021 – 3:55 Minutes

An intro to Season 2, this episode discusses the key topics and intention for this season of Dear Workplace. In this season we explore questions like, How are you really doing? What do you do if you are tired of all the changes? What can innovators do to overcome the transitions of the past few months? And before we jump to a conclusion and assume what we think can happen, how can we listen to understand what people are feeling, wanting, and asking for today? Now more than ever, it’s time we listen to understand. Have a listen to get a formal welcome from Monica before we dive into these questions and more.

“Yes, a lot is changing and a lot of agility, patience, and active listening is needed,”

Key Question: What questions about the workplace do you want answered?

Episode 1: Why We Stay (And Leave) Jobs

Published: Nov 16, 2021 – 27:38 Minutes

We want to work at a workplace where we feel heard, appreciated, and understood. But why do we really leave or stay in jobs? What can both leaders and team members learn from these experiences? In this episode, I invited a few leaders and friends to get to the root of why they decided to stay in jobs despite challenges and why they left other jobs despite loving them. You’ll take away insights into transitioning jobs from multiple perspectives: from the people who decided enough was enough, and transitioned – to the leaders who are innovating to ensure that they’re building a workplace culture that retains happy, healthy team members. The key? Intentionality, care, and seeing others you work with as human beings – it seems obvious, but it takes actionable processes and leadership to get it right.

“It really came down to the fact that she put a lot of faith in me without knowing me very well.. and we are really seeing the fruits of that initial seed come to life.”

Key Question: What do you really want as a person? What does your company really want?
Guests From Episode:

Episode 2: Bringing Our Whole Selves To Work

Published: Nov 23, 2021 – 30:03 Minutes

We want to be our 100% true selves at work, but we also want to respectfully blend in and hear how this room and community work and engage before we do so. What’s the right balance of being respectful to the environment versus feeling like I can’t show who I am because of the environment? In this episode, we want to navigate these questions as we think about how we bring our full, authentic selves to work. Throughout these conversations we learn about the nuances of being authentically you in a professional environment, the importance of feedback and the ways to properly use feedback to create a culture of authenticity, and stories about the importance of self-awareness in our workplace environments.

“There’s no such thing as a moment in time where it’s going to be perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect job transition. You can do your best."

Key Question: What’s a time where you felt you were your most authentic self at work?
Guests From Episode:

Episode 3: Rethinking Hybrid Experiences

Published: Nov 30, 2021 – 27:12 Minutes

Whether you used to attend events in-person daily or once in a blue moon, we all have shared experiences with others at events, workshops, and even coffee shops. And now, with hybrid experiences becoming the norm, some of us are eager to get back to that in-person connection, with pause. The transition back to in-person, or keeping things hybrid hasn’t been easy. What are mask policies? And how do you design experiences to truly be inclusive and equitable? Hybrid and remote are here to stay so how do we use this time to really rethink how we connect and share experiences together in a more meaningful way? In this episode we discuss actionable ways hosts can utilize the positive of hybrid experiences and create thoughtful, effective work environments. We also dive into a digital co-working startup and explore what it means to create workplaces that promote flexibility, creativity, and respect for privacy.

“We build an attendee experience - what do you want them to experience? Is it more educational? Interactive? We're building it out vs saying ‘we’re getting on Zoom and go!"

Key Question: What’s one thing you learned from this episode that you can apply to your work – whether hybrid, fully remote, or fully in-person.
Guests From Episode:
  • Amanda Ma, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Innovate Marketing Group
  • Mo Hamizan, Co-founder & CEO of VEL

Episode 4: Happiness At Work

Published: Dec 7, 2021 –  Minutes

Research shows that happiness is not only great for team wellbeing, but leads to higher company success. Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%!

Yet it turns out not a lot of people can’t quite put their finger on what happiness is, but it’s because it’s different for everyone. In this episode I talk to my expert friends about their journey to workplace happiness and how others can harness happiness for themselves. While happiness is complex, these conversations helped me identify three main events that correlate to happiness, and discover innovative ways to take better control of our own joy at work and in our personal lives.

“When things aren’t going so well we often try to push on and ignore it … but remember to tune in. When we recognize it we can take action to create a different outcome.”

Key Question: What was one of the happiest moments of work for you this week? This month? This year?
Guests From Episode:

Episode 5: How We Lead is Changing For Good

Published: Dec 14, 2021 – Minutes

If you choose to listen to this podcast, chances are leadership is a topic you already care deeply about. Whether you are currently a leader looking to be a better leader, or someone who wants to step into a leadership role, you’re already here because you care about leadership. So I ask as we get started today with an intentional question. What does good leadership mean to you? And how has your definition changed over time? In this episode we explore the historical culture of what it means to be a leader and what it means to be a leader now – no matter what industry you’re in. We also learn from some real world examples of what great leadership looks like.

“’If you’re a loving leader, a leader that helps people relax at work and laugh with you and see you as human as you are … you're going to hav much engaged employees.”

Key Question: After listening to this episode, jot down a few characteristics/thoughts about what good leadership means to you and then ask yourself, how you want to put in the effort to become that leader?
Guests From Episode:
  • Phil Jung, CFO of Mindoula Health, Inc.
  • Zina B. Sutch, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor at American University
  • Patrick Malone, Ph.D. Director of Key Executive Leadership Program at American University

Curious for more? We are sharing the key highlights and summaries of the rest of Season 2 in Part 2 of the Dear Workplace Podcast Highlights. Stay tuned.

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