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Meet Dear Workplace

Dear Workplace is the podcast untangling all your workplace questions. Join us to study trends, changes, and challenges to rethink how we work.

That’s a lot to carry around in a place where you spend a lot of time.

In each episode, we’ll talk with executives, innovators, and experts and visit different industries around the world so you gain actionable insights and tips.


More Time for Sleep, Please | Understanding its Powers

Sleep is crucial, yet as busy professionals and leaders, achieving quality rest can feel challenging. Today, our guest Nicolas Decat, a Paris-based PhD student, will shed light on why we need to rethink our approach to sleep to thrive in both work and life. We’ll explore Decat’s research on the science of sleep and creativity. Join us on Dear Workplace as we delve into the methods and insights of sleep research, reimagining how we prioritize rest amidst our busy lives. Welcome to more good sleep!

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Why Diversity in Supply Chain Matters with Kristin Malek

How does diversity drive value in business and the supply chain? Supplier diversity leaders offer a wealth of insights, yet this field often remains overlooked. Join me in the coming weeks as we explore key questions: Why is supplier diversity overlooked? How does it benefit companies and communities? And how can we lead more effectively?

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Rethink Leadership by Rethinking How We Empower Parents and Leaders

Leadership evolves, especially when we become parents. But this transition isn’t often discussed. How can we navigate this new terrain more effectively? We sat down with Nicola Fitzpatrick, Director of Operations at Medtronic in St.Paul, Minnesota to explore her journeys as a leader and as a parent. Join us on Dear Workplace as we delve into these important conversations about balancing leadership and parenthood in male-dominated industries and communities.

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Why M&As Are Tough All the Time | Disrupt the Market by Democratizing M&A

I’ve often found the mergers and acquisition (M&A) process to be expensive and exclusive, leaving many unsure of where to start or how to succeed. Like dating, it’s about finding the right partners and building a dream team, whether you’re buying or selling a company. And let’s not forget about culture – M&As in the United States, Asia, and Europe all come with unique challenges.

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Intro: What to Expect From Season 2

It’s been 2 years since the pandemic started. How are you really doing? What do you do if you are tired of all the changes? In the next few weeks, we’ll dive deep into how the way we work, lead, and collaborate is changing. And we’ll explore what we can do better to navigate these changes as innovators. I am so thrilled to once again welcome you back to Dear Workplace, season 2.

Ep 1: Why We Stay (And Leave) Jobs

People have said it! Enough is enough! We want to work at a workplace where we feel heard, appreciated, and understood. But why do we really leave or stay in jobs? What can both leaders and team members learn from these experiences? In this episode I invited a few leaders and friends to get to the root of why they decided to stay in jobs despite challenges and why they left other jobs despite loving them.

Ep 3: Bringing Our Whole Selves to Work

Authenticity at work – we talk about all the time but we rarely discuss the complexities and nuances required to fully show up. What’s the right balance of being respectful to the environment versus feeling like I can’t show who I am because of the environment? In this episode, we want to navigate this question and more as we think about how we bring our full selves to work. Meet Mike Canter and Kristina Francis who share incredible insight into this topic from both a leadership and team member perspective.


Episode 1: Rethink What is Normal

It’s been a year since the pandemic in 2020 shifted our lives. Where are we now and how has this year changed the way we think about what is normal at work?

Episode 2: Work Without Burnout

We’ve seen an increase in burnout since the pandemic and an increase in workplace happiness. How can we reimagine well-being at work?

Episode 3: Buying Cause You Care

Why do you buy what you buy? The pandemic not only shifted us online, but also caused us to pay more attention about who we buy from. The question is: Why are we caring more now?


Great content & entertainingly produced!
Monica Kang keeps coming up with creative ways to share ideas and concepts that bring value to the listeners in absorbable, inclusive and entertaining ways. This podcast is bite sized and having many voices speak on each episode makes it valuable and engaging! Putting this one on my list of favorites!
So valuable!
I love the approach this podcast takes in approaching the nitty gritty hard topics that today’s workplace needs to face from burnout, inclusion, and uncertainty with numerous voices chiming in on different angles. I appreciate having many perspectives and enjoy the conversations they create.
Relatable and forward thinking
Cancel the Grammys and give all the awards to this show! This podcast does an amazing job of capturing real concerns people have at work and in their careers (burnout, rethinking work from the pandemic) , and offers new perspectives that are both relatable and inspiring! Highly recommended!

SEASON 1: Adapting to Transforming

2020 was the year of reacting to unexpected changes. We know things will not be the same for a while. We untangle all your people questions to help you find peace with this ongoing transition to help you get to a place of collaborative and curious transformation! In the upcoming episodes, here are some topics we will explore.
Got more ideas? Great! Let us know, and let’s talk about it.

Remote Onboarding

Found a job during COVID. Great! But you have yet to meet your colleagues. How do you build trust with someone you never met? How can we make our new members feel welcome and included? We’ll discuss how the onboarding process needs to be adapted—perhaps permanently?

Feedback Dreading

The exchange of feedback has always been tricky. But now, having to communicate feedback online feels extra challenging. And how can we constructively ask for feedback? We’ll explore ways to communicate online - verbally and nonverbally - to ensure the true meaning of your message is clear and constructive.

Stopping Empty Promises

Why are leaders not walking the talk? While many may be unaware of their actions, the consequences can be dangerous. A lack of psychological safety and trust discourages people from speaking up or becoming truly invested. We’ll discover ways to help leaders stop making promises they can’t keep.


Executives like to talk about how their managers lack strategic thinking. Managers like to complain that their leaders don't give them the space to grow. We’ll look at how we may need to rethink the leadership gap. Or is this in fact a generation learning gap?

Innovating Again & Again

We’ve all had to pivot. But doing it too frequently can be exhausting. We’ll dive into ways to foster a culture of sustainable innovation without causing burnout.

Belonging At Work

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel a sense of belonging at work? But what does that mean and how is that even possible when everyone feels it, and experiences it, differently? And how do the dynamics and demographics of five generations come into play? Let’s talk!



Monica H. Kang, Founder, and CEO of InnovatorsBox® and Author of Rethink Creativity is transforming today’s workforce through the power of creativity. She helps companies around the world rethink culture, leadership, and team development by making creativity practical and relatable regardless of industry or job title. Prior to InnovatorsBox®, Monica was a nuclear nonproliferation policy expert. She holds an M.A. from SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Strategic Studies and International Economics and a B.A. from Boston University.