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Curious Monica Podcast Highlights – Wrapping Up Season One, Part 1

The Curious Monica podcast features candid conversations with innovators in thriving organizations across various industries.  In each episode, host & founder of InnovatorsBox Monica Kang interviews her friends in diverse fields about what they do and why they love what they do. If you’re curious too, you’ll gain incredible insight into the workplace patterns and insights that can change the way you think about work, no matter what industry you’re in or who you are.

We have taken the time to intentionally share the summaries of our podcasts because we know the life of an innovator is busy. These summaries are great post-listen reflections to help the information sink in. They are also a way to get a sneak peak of what you missed if you got caught up mid-listen. Or, they can even just help you decide what episode to watch next!

Episode 9: Helping Others: Therapists

Published: July 8, 2021 – 37 Minutes

Most of us go through a lot of stress and anxiety at work yet we don’t always have the safe space and support to process these feelings and thoughts in a healthy way.

From the rise of mental wellbeing awareness, to society’s misconceptions of therapy, in this episode we invite friends to share their journey of becoming therapists and why others find therapy to be helpful. Out of this episode you’ll undoubtedly grab some great tips for your mind and body – aka free therapy and wellbeing tips! 

Conversations like this will help us open the door to how important well-being is at work, and how we can change our perceptions of working with therapists.

“If I chose to say nothing, that would actually be worse for my mental health … that’s why I advocate for men and women to express emotions.”

Key Question: When was the last time you were open about how you were feeling at work?

Guests from Episode:

  • Jeanie Chang, Founder – Your Change Provider, PLLC
  • Ivy Kwong, Psychotherapist – BareIvy.com
  • Minji Chang, Actor, Host of First Of All Podcast, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur – SELF
  • Tiffany Gray, Public Health Advisor – DC DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

Episode 10: Law Can Be Fun: Lawyers

Published: July 15, 2021 – 49 Minutes

The words “law” and “fun” usually aren’t used together, and I hope this episode can start changing that.

In this episode, I spoke with three friends who love being a lawyer to learn more about why they love what they do, how they started their careers, and how they stay creative. Whether it was learning how to practice law, writing a children’s book or a novel, or building a niche in cryptocurrency, resilience and patience was key to their growth. I also give a bit of background into my dip into the legal profession. 

Whether you’re interested in law or not, this episode will provide insight into how you can carve your own path in any profession.

“We can’t have the world believe in us if we aren’t believing in our whole selves wholeheartedly.”

Key Question(s): What is the most surprising thing about lawyers you found out in this episode? How can you apply that to your career?

Guests from Episode:

Episode 11: Belonging for All: Diversity & Inclusion

Published: July 22, 2021 – 36 Minutes

Diversity and inclusion jobs have been on the rise as the world seeks a more inclusive workplace for all. But what do you do in this career? How do you become good at it? From understanding differences in diversity to being more inclusive to learning how to build psychological safety, we untangle all your questions about D&I jobs in this episode. 

Importantly, you should walk away from this episode with action points on how you can integrate D&I into your workspace even more – whether you’re looking to enter the field, or just want to be more involved.

“It’s this idea that I am entering a space where I can be my whole space … I don’t have to hide that my kid threw up on me this morning, that English isn’t my second language.” #DEI

Key Question: What’s something you can do to empower a colleague tomorrow?

Guests from Episode:

Episode 12: Innovation For All: Innovation Experts

Published: July 29, 2021 – 44 Minutes

Your job title doesn’t determine if you’re innovative or not. From TacoBell’s kiosk to design thinking workshops, innovation experts play a key role in finding new paths in familiar places. But how do they build a career in innovation, and what does it really mean to be creative in what they do? In this episode, I caught up with six friends who shared why they fell in love with innovation, honing their expertise, and empowering others to unleash their creativity. Join us to unlock your creativity too.

“I don’t think that the majority see themselves as creative, so they can’t be innovative. I fundamentally believe that they can do something differently.”

Key Question(s): Do you describe yourself as creative? What does being creative and innovative mean to you?

Guests from Episode:

  • Jeff Harry, International Positive Psychology Play Speaker – Rediscover Your Play
  • Monica Kang, Founder & CEO – InnovatorsBox
  • Brian Gaab, Managing Principal of Strategy & Innovation, CSAA Insurance Group
  • Van Lai-DuMone, Founder & Creative Strategist, worksmART
  • Coonoor Behal, Founder & CEO, Mindhatch
  • Leo Chan, Founder & Chief Innovation and Creativity Officer, Abound Innovation
  • Rishi Gupta, Head of International Technology Strategy & Innovation, Taco Bell

As we wrap up season one, we are sharing the key highlights and summaries of the past ten episodes in a 2-part reflection blogs. This is part 1 that covers the key highlights of episodes 9 to 12, and you can find the key highlights of episodes 13 to 18 in part 2.


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Kree Pandey

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