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Podcast Highlights – Curious Monica (Episodes 5-8)

It’s only been a little over 4 months since we launched two of our InnovatorsBox podcasts, and the response, love and feedback have been incredibly amazing! And I’d like to echo the same feeling as I shared in another recent #reflection blog for our Dear Workplace podcast – and start by saying thank you.

Thank you to all our listeners and subscribers for giving Curious Monica a chance. Every subscribe, every download, every comment and every ounce of love you have for our show – means a world. Many of you who have also expressed how much you’ve enjoyed listening to our episodes every week through these reviews! We’re incredibly grateful.


Wow. Humans.

Honestly if you miss meeting new people and hearing their stories of how they came to be who they are, this is the podcast for you, especially hearing journeys that you didn’t even know existed. I would recommend Curious Monica to anyone who’s interested in unlocking that part of themselves!


Short, sweet and entertaining!

Monica’s gift is not only in her rhythm and energy in conversations but a lot of the fun edits along the way. The sound effects, reflection, voice clips and so much more make this less of just another conversational podcast and much more the mix between your favorite Ted Talk and your favorite crime thriller podcast. Great stuff.

Episode 5: Tech with Purpose: Tech Entrepreneurs

Published: April 29, 2021 – 47 Minutes

Entrepreneurs, yes even tech entrepreneurs are everywhere – not just Silicon Valley! A tech entrepreneur is someone who has a business that is based on technology. In this episode,I’m excited to introduce you to five of my tech entrepreneur friends doing impactful work (who also happen to be outside of Silicon Valley!). We break myths about tech entrepreneur foundations, talk about overcoming the overwhelm, and even discuss the role they play in investments.

1. The “Why” for a company can come from anywhere – even prison

Marcus Bullock founded the idea for his business Flikshop, an app that could send a postcard and message to loved ones that are incarcerated, while he was serving time in prison.

2. You don’t have to be a “Tech Guru” to be a tech entrepreneur

Marcus’s humble beginnings and clear mission allowed him to create Flikshop without being a tech guru by making the right partnerships.

3. A clear “Why” will help others & yourself

DeShuna Spencer, Founder & CEO of kweliTV- the go-to streaming media platform for black filmmakers and black audiences, built her career out of the concept that the media should have more inclusive, authentic portrayals of black people. Why? Because inaccurate truths spelled out by the mainstream affects the realities for everyone.

“In terms of building the technology, I had no clue what we were doing. You have to believe in it so much that you build what you need to build.”

Have a listen to hear the rest of the stories and gain insight on this seemingly elusive industry.

Key Question: What do you think of when you think tech entrepreneurs — Is that reality?

Guests From Episode:

Episode 6: Passionate Policymakers: Working in Politics

Published: June 17, 2021 – 31 Minutes

Politics is a field in which everyone is watching you and everyone is impacted by what you do. As I look back at how diverse this field is, I’m also intrigued at how we still see a lack of diversity. In this episode, I spoke with two friends who shared why they love public policy and how they find opportunities for more women to see this as a possible career path.

We’re a nonpartisan podcast: so we will not be arguing a side here, but opinions are expressed.

You’ll walk away from this episode with an understanding of how people get into politics from people who have worked at the international and state level. Also, you’ll gain some insight into what people are doing to create more diversity in this industry. We also discuss the social media world – which has blurred the lines of what is public and private no matter where you work.

“Lead with your values and your bravery, lead with results and some positive impact. Those pushes in the right direction will improve the world.”

Key Question: What do you think of someone working in politics?

Guests From Episode:

Episode 7: Writing for Good Change: Authors

Published: June 24, 2021 – 43 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to write a book? As an author myself, I’ve always been curious to how other authors decide what to write, where they get their inspiration, and what the publication process is like for them. In this episode, we speak with friends who write books, publish books, and help others write books. Tune in to learn how you’ll tell your stories.

Writing that Resonates is Done For the Purpose of Empathizing, Not Marketing.
Hear more about this from Ivy Kwong, a therapist, who shares how her personal healing inspired her to write her children’s book, “The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon.”

Having a great idea and writing a book is not the end of the story.
Take it from Smiley Powsolsky, the author of three books and community builder who learned how to not only write a good book, but market it and make it valuable/accessible to others. It’s about writing to impact others, not impress people.

“You don’t realize the power of you putting the story out there until that one person reads or sees your work and changes their life.”

Tune in to hear more about the unexpected challenges that come with publication as well as how you get comfortable sharing your authentic voice to others.

Key Question: What story do you have to tell?

Guests from Episode:

Episode 8: Creating with Purpose: working in Entertainment

Published: July 1, 2021 – 61 Minutes

If you’re like me, you like to unwind with a fair amount of TV shows and movies. I have a real respect for entertainers and the art and escapism they provide for me each day. So I’m curious – what is it truly like to work in entertainment? In this episode I speak with a few friends in the entertainment industry: from acting to comedy to filmmaking and even creative producing (if you don’t know what creative producing is – you might want to give this a listen!)

Out of this episode, you’ll hear about the two skill sets that helped my friends achieve in every one of their diverse stories: patience and passion. We also touch on why representation matters in media, and how it affects the mindset of those who consume and want to enter the entertainment space.

“Americans in general, we are not open to watching other content. We are good at exporting our culture and everything but we are not used to getting it from others. Showing customers (that to be) be black outside of the US is not always people in poverty or hungry and stereotypes of what it means African.”

No matter where you work, the skills of patience, persistence, passion, humility, critical, creative thinking and going on this journey with a community is so crucial. Each of them reminded me that we can choose how to see the narrative.

Key Question: How are you choosing to portray your narrative?

Guests from Episode:


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